Another MFA for your reading pleasure!!

Richard Meier

 Richard Meier set up his practise in 1963, and by 1972 he was labelled as one of the ‘New York Five’. A firm believer in Le Corbussier’s design ideals which is reflected in his work along with hints of Mies Van Der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright. Meier gained notoriety after his Los Angeles Getty Centre in 1984.

Richard Meier is a purist, and it can be seen with his elegant and functional buildings which always incorporate his strict design theory of light, colour and place. He uses this concept fervently and rigorously throughout all his buildings, without them appearing garish or exaggerated.

One of America’s most prominent architects he has ignored much of the post-modern design trends and stuck relentlessly to creating beauty with simple geometry and overlaying spaces and the crafting of light to create clear spaces, and usable buildings.

His bravery to stick to this philosophy is admirable especially with an architectural world becoming more fickle and celebrity based.

I think it is very hard to create a ‘recognisable style’ as an architect without compromising the integrity of a project but Meier seems to manage this with ease and continues to create buildings which remain true to his vision.

New York FiveA group of architects in New York who all had similar views on ‘purist’ archiecture in the vein of Corbussier. They held an exhibition together which was rebuked by the ‘Gray’s’ of Philadelphia who believed the NY5 did not fully uphold Corbussier’s vision.


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