Quote I

“I believe that architecture has the power to inspire, to elevate the spirit, to feed both the mind and the body. It’s is for me the most public of the arts.” Richard Meier, 2001 Advertisements


Another MFA for your reading pleasure!! Richard Meier ┬áRichard Meier set up his practise in 1963, and by 1972 he was labelled as one of the ‘New York Five’. A firm believer in Le Corbussier’s design ideals which is reflected in his work along with hints of Mies Van Der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright. … Continue reading

The Love/Pain I’m looking forward to next year…..

As a third year architecture student this is the sort of gruelling pain I’ll have to endure next year… Wish me luck!!!


So I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been a little busy with things and for that I apologise ­čśŽ But I’m here now so do not dismay!! Here goes No.5 Zaha Hadid One of the most prominent female architects ever Zaha Hadid has conquered what is supposedly “a man’s world”. Recipient of the Sterling … Continue reading