Ok so these aren’t really going to have any structure by the looks of it and this is the perfect example of that as I have TWO architects….Sorta buy one get one free!!!

Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron

Herzog and de Meuron are a Swiss based architectural firm, that concentrate mainly on the experimental use of materials around sound well thought-out architecture.

They are most famous for reinventing Bankside power station into what we know now as the Tate Modern. They are also responsible for the elegant Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics.

What I personally admire most about Herzog and de Meuron is their originality and fearlessness, when the world of architecture was focussing on one path with a few stragglers these guys just cut a new path and said fuck your modernism and minimalism we doing shit like this.

Not only is boldness what they stand for but have a look at a few buildings and you will start to see that each building dominates in its own way, commanding its own respect despite the location, which is an amazing feat.

Some architects try to stick to a set style so their buildings will be recognisable but the best architects stick to an ideal and what better than originality?


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