• Y3 Architecture BSA

    I'm an Architecture student studying at Birmingham School of Architecture. This blog will follow my final year of the BA (hons) course. I aim to show the project from inception to completion, citing all my research, sketches, early design development, site choices and set backs, culminating in my final designs and renders and finally my final presentation sheets.

    I hope you enjoy following me through this journey and help by commenting with criticism or advice, at each stage.


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Back with a Vengeance

Firstly HELLO!! I’m not actually back with any sort of vengeance, however hopefully I’m back. Advertisements

Quote II

“Art is a form of self-expression with absolutely no responsibility to anyone or anything. Architecture can be a piece of art, but it must be responsible to people and its context.“ Vanessa Quirk, 2013

Sorry :( Busy….

Hi all you avid readers…. Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks, my life has been pretty hectic!! I’m currently in a professional international tour of Alice in Wonderland, and rehearsals and shows have meant that I haven’t been able to get anything up here in a while, for that I’m deeply sorry, … Continue reading

Quote I

“I believe that architecture has the power to inspire, to elevate the spirit, to feed both the mind and the body. It’s is for me the most public of the arts.” Richard Meier, 2001


Another MFA for your reading pleasure!! Richard Meier ┬áRichard Meier set up his practise in 1963, and by 1972 he was labelled as one of the ‘New York Five’. A firm believer in Le Corbussier’s design ideals which is reflected in his work along with hints of Mies Van Der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright. … Continue reading

The Love/Pain I’m looking forward to next year…..

As a third year architecture student this is the sort of gruelling pain I’ll have to endure next year… Wish me luck!!!


So I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been a little busy with things and for that I apologise ­čśŽ But I’m here now so do not dismay!! Here goes No.5 Zaha Hadid One of the most prominent female architects ever Zaha Hadid has conquered what is supposedly “a man’s world”. Recipient of the Sterling … Continue reading


Two in the same day!!! EXCITING!!!!! This is another one of my favourite architects and one of the lesser known ones on this list, a true genius and someone who I’d love to work for in the future, so if you’re reading this Josh gimme a call!! ANYWAY Joshua Prince-Ramus Joshua Prince-Ramus founded OMA New … Continue reading


Ok so these aren’t really going to have any structure by the looks of it and this is the perfect example of that as I have TWO architects….Sorta buy one get one free!!! Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron Herzog and de Meuron are a Swiss based architectural firm, that concentrate mainly on the experimental … Continue reading

BIG's People's Building in Shanghai China


Ok this might turn into more of a personal rant than a useful learning tool but hey-ho. Bjarke Ingels Bjarke Ingels is a young architect from Denmark, he set up BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) in 2006 and has won many awards and architectural competitions with his innovative, sustainable designs. Ok now for the rant. Below … Continue reading